Procedures for the Disposal of Unwanted Laboratory Equipment HMS and HSDM Campuses

If the equipment being disposed of, or traded in, has a HMS Tag number on it, please contact Marie Bao, (

Laboratories are responsible for ensuring that unwanted equipment is safe for removal and later disposal. Follow these steps, as you, the generator, see to the disposal of unwanted laboratory equipment.

  1. Print the Laboratory Equipment Decontamination Form for your location and follow the steps to complete it:
  2. Post the completed checklist on the unwanted piece of equipment, which is to remain inside the lab. Please do not place unwanted or idle equipment in a corridor for later handling by others not affiliated with the lab.
  3. A list of all items must be sent to by 11 AM on the day previous to the pick up date, to be included.
  4. In your request, include the following information:
    • The building and room number where the equipment is to be found
    • Type, name, and size of the equipment
    • Whether the equipment is or is not on operable wheels
    • Name of the generator's department, Pl, and ROM
    • The lab's point of contact -name, telephone number, and Harvard-affiliated  e-mail address
    • Confirm that the above checklist has been completed by you, the generator, to the satisfaction of those removing it as refuse.
  5. Every other month Cam's Clean-out will collect all safely prepared, but unwanted, equipment from HMS and HSDM. 

    Cam’s Schedule for FY 19

    August 16th      Entire Campus

    October 18th     Entire Campus

    December 20th  Entire Campus

    February 21st    Entire Campus

    April 18th          Entire Campus

    June 20th          Entire Campus

    Please note that all items need to be submitted no later than 11AM the day before.  Campus services will send the listing to CAMs by 12PM so they can properly prepare for the next day.

  6. Equipment will not be taken away if:
    • The checklist, mentioned above, is incomplete and not posted on the equipment
    • Freon from refrigerators and freezers has not been drained and captured by DTZ, your building services group (Call x2-190I or email
    • The equipment poses any kind of hazard not addressed in the checklist
    • The equipment is not on the Cam's approved list of pick-up sites mentioned in step 3.

Thank you for managing unwanted equipment in a safe, responsible manner.

Freezer disposal options and process

Option 1 – JLL

  1. Decontaminate unit and attach completed decontamination form – see link
  2. If asset, contact for disposal form* and instructions.
  3. Send email to the HMS-Facilities Call Center at which will create a work request.
    1. Email must contain: description of work department wants done, contact information, location of equipment, and General Ledger string for charge back to the department. The hourly rate is the same as Cushman & Wakefield charged.
  4. Notify (to be determined) in Facilities at (to be determined) in Facilities of the equipment location in the department for CAMS to pick-up equipment.
  5. Once every 2 months Facilities will coordinate a pickup with CAMS – pick-up is paid by Facilities.
  6. Devonne sends list to CAMS the day before the pick-up date
  7. Louis Mello meets CAMS at the dock and goes over the list.

Option 2 – Complete Recycling Solutions LLC (CRS)

  1. Decontaminate unit and attach completed decontamination form – see link
  2. If asset, contact for disposal form* and instructions.
  3. Contact Tracy Lavoie of CRS at to make arrangement for them to pick-up the equipment**.

Fees are now based on a sliding scale. Departments pay $250 for a single unit, $200/per unit for 2 to 4, and $125/per unit for 5 or more units. The fee covers labor, Freon removal/disposal, transportation fee, pick-up fee and recycling. The scale is the same regardless of the size or location as long as the pickup is in Longwood area.

  1. Provide Tracy with contact name, email, and phone #, and proper billing dept. and address so they can send an invoice.
  2. CRS picks up equipment in your area, brings to the dock and loads it onto their truck.
    1. CRS must depart dock by 7:30 AM – CRS needs a least a week prior notice to schedule.
    2. Lab person should be available when CRS arrives to facilitate for the removal if CRS needs to enter a lab to get the equipment
  3. Freon and other hazardous materials are removed from the equipment at CRS’ facility. CRS can remove other Freon bearing items also (AC’s, water coolers, refrigerators)

**Please provide make, model #, pictures, and dimensions of the unit. Larger units must be on wheels. CRS reserves the right to reject some larger, difficult to move items.

For working equipment only – see Reuse of Laboratory Equipment document (next page)

*requires ecommons login

Procedures for the Disposal of Unwanted Computer Equipment at the HMS Campus

    Send the IT Department, an email, (, and let them know where the equipment is located.

Reuse of Laboratory Equipment - Working equipment only

Option 1 – Seeding Labs  (Contract has not been negotiated or executed)

  1. Contact Seeding Labs - to see if the equipment is something they want
    1. If asset, contact for disposal form and instructions
  2. Execute an Assignment and Release of Equipment. (Still being worked on)
  3. Decontaminate unit and attach completed decontamination form – see link
  4. Department pays all moving and transporting cost to organization accepting donation. (We are trying to negotiate that Seed Labs pays)
  5. Contact ABC moving to move equipment from lab onto ABC truck

Option 2 – HARVie’s Classifieds

  1. Go to link - then click on the Reuse section and click on Go
  2. Click on the Add button, read and accept the Terms of Use
  3. Decontaminate unit and attach completed decontamination form – see link
  4. Fill in the applicable fields (be sure to select Lab Equipment as the category)
  5. If a party is interested and prior to them picking it up, please remember if it is an asset, contact for disposal form and instructions

Option 3 – Informal Internal Exchange

  1. Send an email to the ROMs to see if any other lab is interested
  2. Arrange for the movement of the equipment
  3. Decontaminate unit and attach completed decontamination form – see link
  4. If they are interested and prior to it moving, and if it is an asset, please contact so we can transfer it in the system to the correct department

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Updated 6/2/22