BCMP Data Club
  • Every Friday12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Cannon Room | C-135  
  • This is an in-person meeting ONLY, but if you are unable to attend in-person due to COVID, kindly email Kristen Parker to obtain a unique Zoom link.
Month 2022 Presenting Lab Practice Talk Practice Talk
No Data Club 2-Sep --    
No Data Club 9-Sep --    
Friday 16-Sep Blacklow lab - Dan Jones Brown  Clardy
Friday 23-Sep Gregory lab - Xin Yang Lassar Fischer
Friday 30-Sep Springer lab - Jing Li Gregory Zhou
Friday 7-Oct Devlin lab - Megan McCurry Hur Bender
Friday 14-Oct Cole lab - Maggie Chen Springer  Eck
Friday 21-Oct Wu lab - Ying Dong Kim Loparo
No Data Club 28-Oct BCMP Mini Retreat week    
Friday 4-Nov Brown lab - Haixia Zhou Devlin Shamu
No Data Club 11-Nov Veteran's Day Holiday observed    
Friday   18-Nov Kruse lab - Jeffrey Smith Lassar Cole
No Data Club 25-Nov Thanksgiving Holiday  (Nov 24 - 25)    
Friday 2-Dec Buhrlage lab - Mona Sharafi Buratowski Roberts
Friday 9-Dec Loparo lab - Brandon Case Gregory Wong
Friday 16-Dec Zhao lab - Liya Ding & Qiwei Wang  Clardy Buratowski
No Data Club 23-Dec Winter Break  (Dec 24 - Jan 1)    
No Data Club 30-Dec Winter Break  (Dec 24 - Jan 1)    
Friday 6-Jan ---    
Friday 13-Jan Adelman lab - Ben Martin Walter Fischer
Friday 20-Jan ORI - Keri Godin Cole Zhou
Friday 27-Jan Roberts lab - Yubao Wang Hur Wong
Friday 3-Feb Harrison lab - Jacob Zahm & Sunbin Deng Adelman Eck
Friday 10-Feb Fischer lab - Shourya Roy Burman Bender Roberts
Friday 17-Feb Eck lab - Hanchen Zhao Blacklow  Struhl
No Data Club 24-Feb MA school vacation week    
Friday 3-Mar Hur lab - Yu-San Huoh Adelman Polizzi
Friday 10-Mar Buratowski lab - Gabriela Giordano Walter Kruse
Friday 17-Mar Wagner lab - Anissa Belfetmi Stone Zhao Shih
Friday 24-Mar Struhl lab - Joe Geisberg Shih Arthanari
Friday 31-Mar Walter lab - Ernst Schmid Zhao Kim
Friday 7-Apr Wong lab - Prakash Shrestha Buhrlage Elion
Friday 14-Apr Shih lab - Anastasia Ershova Struhl Arthanari
No Data Club 21-Apr MA school vacation week    
Friday 28-Apr Arthanari lab del Marmol Blacklow
Friday 5-May Kim lab Loparo Shamu
Friday 12-May Zhou lab Bao Brown
Friday 19-May Polizzi lab Wu  Buhrlage
Friday 26-May

del Mármol lab

Kruse Devlin
Friday 2-Jun Open invitation     
Friday 9-Jun Open invitation    

For more information, please contact kristen_parker@hms.harvard.edu