All students interested in pursuing graduate research with faculty members in BCMP should apply for admission to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University, specifying one of the graduate programs in biomedical sciences.  Faculty in BCMP can accept students from any of the Harvard Integrated Life Sciences (HILS) graduate programs. The graduate programs that most closely align with BCMP faculty interests include:

Areas of Concentration

Students admitted to any of these graduate programs may opt to participate in certificate programs, consortia and concentrations, which bring students with shared scientific interests together for coursework, networking and social events.

BCMP faculty anchor the Therapeutics certificate program.   The Therapeutics certificate program focuses on pharmacology, toxicology and drug discovery, emphasizing research in both HMS labs and in internships.  Students in any of the graduate programs listed above may apply for participation in the Therapeutics certificate program.  Read more.

BCMP and Cell Biology faculty have partnered to create the Molecular Mechanistic Biology (MMB) concentration.  MMB offers a curriculum and other training activities to bring together students and faculty with an interest in dissecting basic mechanisms in biology and disease. MMB applications are accepted every fall from students in any of the graduate programs whose research interests align with the concentration. Read more at the MMB website.