The Harvard Medical School department of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology is committed to upholding the tenets of the Harvard Medical School Diversity Statement and instituting changes that will increase diversity and promote a supportive environment of inclusive excellence throughout our community.

The BCMP DEI Taskforce, launched in 2020, is structured with a standing Core Committee and three Subcommittees that are each devoted to a topic of priority for the Department (Outreach, Education/Training and Support, and Recruitment). The core committee is composed of the Department Chair, the Department Director of Research Administration, the Department representative to the HMS Committee on Diversity and Inclusion, and the co-chairs of the Trainee Committee. Each subcommittee is chaired by a member of the community who leads and coordinates the projects of their group and interfaces with the Core Committee.  The Core Committee acts to advise and support the Subcommittees and to communicate their progress to the broader BCMP community.

All department members (faculty, staff, and trainees) are welcomed to join the DEI Taskforce.  To get involved, e-mail Marie Bao.

Core Committee:
Stephen Blacklow, Marie Bao, Andrew Lassar, Reina Iwase, Claudia Mimoso, and Julia Rogers

Outreach Subcommittee:
Julia Rogers (chair)
Hari Arthanari
Elaine Elion
Brendan Gillis
Yu-San Huoh
Reina Iwase
Liz McDonald
Michelle Ottaviano
Caroline Shamu
Katherine Susa
Yufan Wu

Education/Training and Support Subcommittee
Drew Dates (chair)
Karen Adelman
Marie Bao
Michelle Ma
Sadie Piatt

Recruitment Subcommittee:
Alan Brown (chair)
Andrew Lassar
Joe Loparo
Claudia Mimoso
Chad Stein