Congratulations to Dr. Hao Wu

Hao Wu receives the Dorothy Crowfoot Hodkin award of the Protein Society

Hao Wu headshotWe are delighted to share the wonderful news that Dr. Hao Wu, Asa and Patricia Springer Professor of Structural Biology and Professor of BCMP, has been selected to receive this year’s Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgin Award from the Protein Society!

The Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin Award, sponsored by Genentech, is granted in recognition of exceptional contributions in protein science which profoundly influence our understanding of biology. The 2019 recipient is Professor Hao Wu (Harvard University). The selection of Professor Wu was driven by two interconnecting threads: the remarkable achievements she has made in changing how we view the molecular mechanism of signal transduction and recent work from her laboratory that has illuminated inflammasome assembly and the resulting pyroptotic cell death. The signalosome concept that Professor Wu pioneered established the importance of oligomeric, cooperatively assembled protein complexes for immune receptor signaling and by extension, for intracellular signaling more generally.

For more information about Dr. Wu's research, please visit her lab website.  Congratulations, Dr. Wu!