As HMS works towards the process of reopening for on-site research, we will continue to keep this page updated with Department guidelines and School resources to help you through the process.  

Phase 1 will start Monday, June 8th

Phase 2 will start on a lab-by-lab basis from Thursday, June 11th on, once specific safety requirements are fulfilled more details and the Phase 2 Checklist can be found here.  The Department Chair (Stephen Blacklow) or the Department Director of Research Administrator (Marie Bao) will perform a final walk-through of the lab space for confirmation and approval to transition to Phase 2.

Working on campus:

• Masks must be worn at ALL times

• Before you leave home, log into Crimson Clear with your Harvard key, and complete the self-assessment questionnaire before you leave home.  Attestation to a good state of health will be required for a daily access pass, which must be shown to the security staff for entry authorization. If you feel at all unwell, please stay home. If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please contact Harvard University Health Services (617-495-5711: press the * key to contact or leave a message).

• Parking will be freely available on site in all HMS lots until July 1st – you will be able to tap your ID for entry.

• Building access will be limited to passage through one of three security checkpoints (C-Building/TMEC, Goldenson/Armenise, NRB). If necessary, please form a queue adhering to social distancing guidelines of six feet or more between individuals in line. There should be distance indicators to assist you. Please exit from the entrance you used.

• Switch the mask you pick up at the entrance with your “commute” mask when you reach lab.

• When you wrap up work each day, have a plan in place for what you would do if you won’t be able to go in for your next shift for any reason.

• Phase 1 is strictly for preparing the lab space ONLY, not for experiments.  In Phase 2, everyone should plan to spend as little time in lab as possible: planning, ordering, and data analysis must be done from home.

• Shift discipline is important (for those of you operating shifts) and lab members are NOT allowed to trade shifts with each other.

• Please abide by the 6am-10:30pm window and do not come in earlier or stay later. The 10:30pm cut off time is to ensure that custodial services can have enough time to safely clean the building space.  Please be conscious of their safety, in addition to the safety of your lab members. 

Baseline Viral Testing:

To protect the health and safety of both those returning to campus as well as essential on-site workers, the University requests that authorized researchers and lab personnel complete a baseline viral test for SARS-COV-2 through a special Harvard University Health Services facility within the first two weeks of returning to a laboratory facility. Harvard University Health Services will administer the test at no cost to the individual or the lab.

From this link, lab personnel may schedule an appointment for Wednesday, June 10th (registration closes Tuesday at Noon) or Thursday, June 11th (registration closes Wednesday at Noon).  As additional appointment times for the month of June are released, the lab personnel site will be updated.

Cleaning Resources:
**Always clean with appropriate disinfectant any surface BEFORE and AFTER use.**

EH&S Resuming On-Campus Guidelines updated 5/28/2020

EPA List of Disinfectants to use against SARS-CoV-2

Questions or Concerns? If you have any questions or concerns regarding the ramp-up process in general or about your lab’s ramp-up plans in particular, please discuss with your lab’s COVID-19 safety officer.  Please also don’t hesitate to contact Marie Bao, BCMP Director of Research Administration or Stephen Blacklow, Chair of BCMP.

Additional Resources:

  • BCMP Scheduling for Dark Room C-211A (for Phase II ONLY)  CURRENTLY OUT OF ORDER - TO BE REPAIRED SOON. Please check that no other person is utilizing the dark room before entering.  Sign up using this calendar link