The School is ending PCR testing on September 16th and encouraging everyone to take advantage of antigen testing as needed instead.  Everyone is eligible for eight free antigen tests a month through their insurance.  If you are on Harvard-associated insurance (HUGHP, BCBS, HUSHIP) and have Express Scripts, you can go directly to their website to order the kits to be delivered to you.  HUHS has made a tutorial for setting this up if you run into issues on the site (https://huhs.harvard.edu/files/huhs/files/free_antigen_ordering.pdf).

Testing Requirement:
The School is now using NEXUS test kits for the COVID-19 PCR tests.  Just to clarify, you CAN continue to use the Broad test kits.  Both kits are still activated through your Color.com account.  (You can find more information on the HU testing page https://www.harvard.edu/coronavirus/testing-tracing/)

Unobserved Testing System:
Color Account Setup
The University has received regulatory approval to transition from observed testing to unobserved, self-administered testing. Harvard has contracted with Color, a health technology and services company, to manage the University’s testing and contact tracing, including providing testing kits, managing alerts for regular testing and delivering test results to individuals.

If you have not already done so, create your Color account using your Harvard email. This is a critical step as you cannot access a test kit until you have successfully activated your Color account. If you need assistance setting up your Color account, email support@color.com. If you are denied access to create a Color account, please notify the department research administrator, Marie Bao, to resolve the issue (if you are a graduate student, please also contact your graduate program head). 

Test Kit Pick Up and Sample Drop-off
Test kits can be picked up in the New Research Building (NRB) 24/7. 

After you have collected your sample, deposit it as soon as possible in the collection bin at the NRB. The collection bin is located in the NRB ground floor lobby near the stairs leading to the first floor and the garage elevators. Prior to depositing your completed test kit into the collection bin, please be sure to type the bar code numbers from your test kit tube into the “activate kit” screen in Color.

Sample Collection Times
Mon - Fri ONLY:  Before 9am
Check the calendar for collection time changes around holidays